Haztech Energy Corp.

Haztech is one of industry’s leading occupational and industrial health & safety organizations operating across Canada. Haztech has 8 divisions within our operations, supplying our clients the following service lines: Medical, Health, Fire, Rescue, Safety, Security, Training and Environmental services. We provide a scalable series of services and products, across all industries, for clients throughout. Our focus is an integrated approach for the protection of yours and our most valuable assets... People, Plant & Property. At Haztech we believe that the development of strong client relationships, coupled with world-class service delivery is how we meet your specific needs and the key to the success of our partnerships.

We provide a full range of health & safety services such as on-site nurses and paramedics, on-call physicians, health monitoring programs, pre-employment health screening, first responder emergency services, primary care, MEDEVAC, emergency response, wellness program services and return-to-work management. Haztech focuses on providing all aspects of worker safety and health management, from our pre-employment testing and medical screenings, to our on-site safety, care and treatment.

We deliver end-to-end value added solutions, and the highest level of care with credit to our team of highly dedicated professionals.

Our services can be delivered anywhere, anytime.

Industrial Medical Services
Onsite Medical Clinics
Remote Access Healthcare

COVID-19 Testing (Rapid Antigen, RT-PCR)
Drug & Alcohol Screening
Respiratory Fit Testing
Audiometric Testing
Fit for Work
Vision Screening
Workplace Wellness
Claims & Disability Management
Ergonomic Assessment
Job Demands Analysis

Service Delivery -
Through our nationwide network of medical and health clinics we provide all pre-employment medical screenings and fitness for duty testing. Our clinics are fully equipped to provide drug & alcohol testing, audiometric, spirometry, pre-hire nurse and physician medicals, workplace nurse and physician assessments, back to work programs and disability case management.

Haztech provides temporary and long-term on-site services through our state-of-the-art mobile medical and health units which are fully equipped for onsite medical and health testing services. Whether your organization needs a flu clinic or annual health testing, we can provide these services on your work site by utilizing our mobile units and teams.

On-Site and Remote
We manage our clients on-site and remote medical service program needs with on-site Paramedics, Nurses and Physicians. With these resources, we also set up complete healthcare services on remote work sites, providing remote access healthcare to the workforce and surrounding areas. We manage, procure and provide all necessary medical equipment, medications, supplies, on-site medical staff, telemedicine support, written medical directives to support medical staff, occupational physician support for on-site staff, medical oversight, chart review, and software to run clinics remotely.

For more information visit us online at https://haztech.com

More AboutHaztech Energy Corp.

Haztech Energy Corp has developed a 'one stop shop' business model in Occupational Health and Services.   We have developed our service lines from working directly with our small and large clients Canada wide, ensuring all their Health and Safety support needs are met to the highest standards. By developing a 'one stop shop' in Health and Safety this allows our clients to obtain multiple Health and Safety services from one qualified, reliable supplier thus driving down costs to meet their site and financial budgetary needs. 

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Head Office

1139 Weaver ST E
Regina , Saskatchewan   S4N 5Y2

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Cody Grado
(306) 352-9114 • (306) 631-4655 • (888) 850-9114 cgrado@haztech.com
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1010 Pasqua Street N
Regina , Saskatchewan   S4X 4V3

(306) 352-9114 • (639) 973-0305

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107 Main Street N
Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan   S4X4V3


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3063 Faithfull Ave
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan   S6H 0V9

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Technical Capability Summary

Educational & Training Occupational Health Safety


Equipment - Safety

Professional and Specialized Services

Safety auditing Safety auditing - Audiometric testing Safety auditing - Ergonomics assessments


Emergency, Training and Safety Services Emergency, Training and Safety Services - Safety inspections Fire Extinguishers - Sales & Repair Fire Truck, Firefighting




Laboratory Medical Security Training Training - Fall Arrest Training - PME, Wirelock Socketting, General Mine Safety Awareness, Tugger Safety Training - Rigging/Overhead Crane


Fire Extinguishers - Sales & Repair Medical Supplies

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