Sherwin Williams Protective and Marine Coatings

The Sherwin-Williams Company is a global provider of protective and marine coatings. With global headquarters located in Cleveland, Ohio, Sherwin-Williams branded products are sold worldwide in 120 countries, generating sales of approximately $ 16 billion. Sherwin-Williams focuses on meeting customer requirements, while continually improving our overall organization’s performance and capabilities, which is why Sherwin-Williams has been a Fortune 500 company for over 20 years. A vast national network of 100% company owned resources supports Sherwin-Williams’ position as the largest coatings manufacturer in the United States, and the world. Our US Distribution Network includes:
Manufacturing facilities; ISO Certified (28+)
Regional warehouses; ISO Certified (9+)
Retail points of sale (4,600+)
Laboratory & Research facilities; ISO Certified (6+)
A fleet of company owned, company dedicated semi-tractors (400+) and trailers (1,200+)

Sherwin-Williams’ multifaceted distribution network services our 4,600+ retail locations and more than 60,000 commercial and industrial customers within the US. Our vertically integrated supply chain allows Sherwin-Williams to safeguard the integrity of our products all the way to your door. Furthermore, the geographic diversification of our production and warehousing sites protects our customers by ensuring continued supply, despite regional disruptions due to severe weather or natural disasters.

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Head Office

101 W Prospect Drive
Cleveland, Ohio   44115

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Rob Fritz
(306) 652-8066 • (306) 716-0942
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28 - 33rd Street East
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan   S7K 0R9

(306) 652-8066

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