HSE Integrated Ltd.

HSE Integrated is the largest provider of industrial safety services across Canada. With 20 locations strategically placed across the Nation and more than 700 employees, HSE Integrated provides on the ground coverage for companies needing to protect their most vulnerable workers and valuable assets. Our services include H2S Safety, Ambulance and Medical Services, Fire Truck and Fire Fighters, Gas Detection, High Angle and Confined Space Technical Rescue, Environment Monitoring, Safety Training and more.

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We offer expert service and specialized customer care in the following areas:

  1. Plant Turnarounds/Shutdowns
  2. H2S Safety
  3. Confined Space & High Angle Technical Rescue
  4. Medical
  5. Fire
  6. Environment Monitoring
  7. Gas Detection
  8. Industrial Health Services

PhotosHSE Integrated Ltd.

Head Office

#1000, 630 – 6th Avenue SW
Calgary, Alberta   T2P 0S8

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Tyler Tollefson
(306) 861-2406 Tyler.Tollefson@dxpe.com
Additional Location #1

Box 1303, 1510 New City Garden Road, Hwy 39 E
Weyburn , Saskatchewan   S4H 3J9

(306) 861-2406

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Technical Capability Summary

Oil & Gas Operations and Maintenance - Services supplied Safety

Professional and Specialized Services

Safety auditing Safety auditing - Air Quality testing Safety auditing - Audiometric testing Safety auditing - Ergonomics assessments


Emergency, Training and Safety Services Emergency, Training and Safety Services - Safety inspections Fire Extinguishers - Sales & Repair Fire Truck, Firefighting Personal Protective Equipment & General Supplies


Facility Management & Operations Medical Preventative Maintenance - HVAC Repair Services - Heavy Equipment


Equipment - Safety

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