Aggreko supplies modular, mobile power, heating, cooling, and related services worldwide. The Company operates in three segments: Rental Solutions, Power Solutions – Industrial, and Power Solutions – Utility. Aggreko offers power generation products, cooling systems, and desiccant and refrigerated dehumidifiers. The Company also provides electric heaters, indirect fired heaters, and heat exchangers, and load banks that are used to test generators and turbines, uninterrupted power systems, electrical distribution panels and systems, data center power systems, combined heat and power systems, and simulation of heat loads. In addition, it offers power to government utilities.

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Around the world, people, businesses and countries are striving for a better future. A future that needs different forms of power and the right conditions to succeed. That’s why at Aggreko, we work round the clock, making sure you get the electricity, heating and cooling you need, whenever and however you need it – all powered by our trademark passion, unrivaled international experience and local knowledge. From urban development, energy storage and wind farms to unique commercial projects and even humanitarian emergencies, we bring our expertise and equipment to any location, from the world’s busiest cities to some of the most remote places on earth.

Every project is different, so we listen first and design a system around you, delivering our service and support anywhere, to any scale. Transforming the lives and livelihoods of individuals, organisations and communities across the globe. 

We are dedicated to a cleaner future too! Our battery storage equipment, our mobile PV solutions and our extensive experience partnering some of the biggest renewable projects in the world is helping to make that future a reality.

Power -  Whether a developing country is seeking a multi-megawatt power plant while a permanent grid is established, or a small entertainment company wants to put on a local event with the help of reliable rental power, we have the experience and knowhow to get the job done.

Heating and cooling - When it comes to temperature control, we’re the ones you want on your team. Because we’re also experts in providing stable, ambient temperatures for all types of industry and circumstance – essential for health and working conditions – and to enable operations to run safely. 

Our tailored services - Contingency planning, Emergency response, Fuel management, HCFC phaseout, High-voltage power, Power plants, & Remote monitoring.


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4540 Kendrick Plaza Drive 100
Houston, Texas   77032

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Jordan Van Shane
(306) 931-0178 • (306) 222-8386
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833 48th Street East
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan   S7K 0X5

(306) 931-0178 • (306) 222-8386

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Technical Capability Summary

Heat Exchangers


Industrial Air Compressors Power and Telecommunication Transmission

Conventional oil and gas Engineering

Power Power - Power Generation

Electrical - Electrical Bulk - Cable

Cable - Power

Electrical - Electrical Equipment

Emergency Diesel Generators Power Management System Turbo Generators Uninterrupted Power Supply System Variable Speed Drive Cooling System

Electrical - Electrical Systems

Facility Electrical Power Generation

Electrical - Electrical Work

Refrigeration Plant Temporary Power

Heating & Ventilation

Balancing - Air Commercial Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Equipment Commercial Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Equipment - Design Commercial Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Equipment - Engineering Commercial Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Equipment - Installation Commercial Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Equipment - Service Commercial Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Equipment - Supply Cooling Equipment Cooling Equipment - Design Cooling Equipment - Engineering Cooling Equipment - Installation Cooling Equipment - Service Cooling Equipment - Supply Heating Equipment Heating Equipment - Design Heating Equipment - Engineering Heating Equipment - Installation Heating Equipment - Service Heating Equipment - Supply Portable Heating Equipment Portable Heating Equipment - Installation Portable Heating Equipment - Service Portable Heating Equipment - Supply Pumps - Heating & Cooling Pumps - Heating & Cooling - Design Pumps - Heating & Cooling - Engineering

Instrumentation & Electrical

24hr emergency services Battery Systems - Supply & Install Equipment, Industrial Equipment, Industrial - Design Equipment, Industrial - Engineering Equipment, Industrial - Installation Equipment, Industrial - Service Equipment, Industrial - Supply Utility and high voltage Utility and high voltage - Installation Utility and high voltage - Service Utility and high voltage - Supply

Mining Engineering


Non Conventional oil and gas Engineering


Professional and Specialized Services

Asset Mgmt - Power


Pumps - Heating & Cooling Pumps - Heating & Cooling - Design Pumps - Heating & Cooling - Engineering


Power Units - Hydraulic, AC/DC Pumps - Heating & Cooling Pumps - Heating & Cooling - Design Pumps - Heating & Cooling - Engineering Rentals - Lifts/Light Towers/Generators

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