AkzoNobel Coatings Canada (Ltd.)

In North America, our robust portfolio of high performance coatings is brought directly to customers within oil and gas, chemical processing, infrastructure, power, water and wastewater, rail, and mining industries via a network of Protective Coatings Centres and distributors located in key markets throughout the US, Canada and Latin America.

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AkzoNobel is a global manufacturer and supplier of International and Devoe Performance Coatings. With operations in more than 80 countries and 200 production sites, AkzoNobel is the only choice for quality products manufactured, delivered, and serviced to the same standard across the globe. 

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Head Office

3026 Millar Avenue
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan   S7K 5X9

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David Tallion
(306) 222-1864 David.Taillon@akzonobel.com
Additional Location #1

15885 W Sprague Rd. 44136
Strongsville, Saskatchewan   44136

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Additional Location #2

313 12th Avenue
Regina, Saskatchewan   s4p 2z4

(306) 543-7213

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Technical Capability Summary
Building Finishing - Fireproofing & Sealants

Fireproofing - Board Fireproofing - Paint Fireproofing - Spray Sealants & Caulking

Building Finishing - Painting & Wall Finishes

Cementitious Coatings Concrete and Masonry Coatings Elastomeric Coatings Epoxy Coatings Painting / Wall Covering Steel Coatings


Cleaning and Coating of Tanks Cleaning and Coating of Tanks - External Cleaning and Coating of Tanks - Internal Cleaning or Coating of Pipes Cleaning or Coating of Pipes - External Cleaning or Coating of Pipes - Internal HVAC/Duct Pipeline - Internal


Bridge & Steel Building Bridge & Steel Building - Supply Concrete - Coatings Fireproofing Fireproofing - Cementitious Fireproofing - Commercial Fireproofing - Intumescent Fireproofing - Piping Fireproofing - Tanks Tanks - Coatings


Oil & Gas Operations and Maintenance Oil & Gas Operations and Maintenance - Engineering

Professional and Specialized Services

Project Mgmt services - Quality Mgmt


Personal Protective Equipment & General Supplies


Industrial Coatings Industrial Coatings - Field Industrial Coatings - Shop Maintenance Painting Painting - Commercial


Personal Protective Equipment Supply - Grout Thermal Metalizing Capability - Cold Spray Thermal Metalizing Capability - Wire Spray


General - Construction

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