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Dart Services LTD was established in October of 2003 with just one screw pile unit and has since grown into a multi-service pile company diversifying to meet industry demand. We install piles for oil & gas, energy transmission, distribution, industrial and commercial construction sectors.

Darts team consists of over 40 plus years of combined experience proficient in all aspects of project planning, problem solving and ability to execute tasks in a safe manner. Our experienced, competent and certified operators are highly skilled at installation of all pile types and are experienced with projects varying in size and complexity. Furthermore we also have the capacity and capability to locate personnel and equipment to expand our resource base if necessary, however most projects can be handled easily at a local level and references can be provided if necessary.

The critical advantage of using Dart Services is we are a Saskatchewan owned company who is committed to operating our business in a way that protects the health, safety and well-being of our employees, contractors, clients, the community as well as the environment. Sourcing local demonstrates a commitment to the community as well as potentially attracts new customers and Dart Services can confidently provide all of the relevant experience in terms of safety, capability and capacity to perform the necessary work required to complete this project. If required we also have the capacity and capability to locate personnel and equipment to expand our resource base if necessary however in view of the scope of this project we feel it can be coordinated and executed at a local level. As owners of Dart Services we are directly involved in management as well as the day to day operations of this prospering company and with the combination of our experience as well as our responsive professional staff we positively feel that we can entertain any size of project.

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Estevan, Saskatchewan   S4A 2L7

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Davin Emmel
(306) 634-7007 • (306) 421-3411 davin@dartservices.ca
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