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Massload Technologies is the leading Canadian manufacturer of VCAP certified load cells and quality weighing solutions for the mining, oil and gas, trucking, traffic enforcement, lifting and hoisting, on-board weighing, batch processing and material handling industries. All products are made to high quality standards and are built to last.

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Custom Engineered Solutions

Massload designs, manufactures and calibrates custom designed load pins, tension cells and load cells for a variety of industry applications in mining, oil and gas, Ag, OEM, and lifting including gas desanders, deadline load sensors, mine galloway load cells, sheave  pillow block load cells, surge bin load cells, conveyor belt tension load cells, critical hoisting applications and crane modernization, and agricultural grain wagons and carts.

Our in-house team of experienced engineers and application specialists are available to scope and design weighing solutions to meet your unique requirements. Our machining, welding and fabrication shop, and load cell assembly, testing and calibration facilities, provide rapid turn around from initial design to finished product with a high level of quality management. 

Truck Weighing Solutions

Massload manufactures a range of high quality axle pad scales for weighing underground mining vehicles and underground utility vehicles to monitor loads, prevent overloading and premature mechanical failure. Our axle pad scales are also used in above ground mining and other industrial truck load weighing applications.

Massload manufactures a range of hand portable Ultraslim wheel load scales for checking weighing and traffic enforcement and portable weigh-in-motion scales and software for load control and traffic enforcement 

General Load Cell and Weighing Solutions

Massload offers a wide range of load cells and weigh modules for legal for trade weighing, general purpose weighing, on-board weighing, tank/hopper and process batching plus a range of electronic instrumentation including wireless transmitter-receivers, scale indicators and readouts, remote displays, junction boxes, custom moulded cables, mV/V, 4-20mA, 0-10V and PLC outputs. 


Massload provides additional assurance to our valued customers through our excellent level of support for product installation, set-up, problem diagnosis, and product repairs.

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