Vallen Canada Inc.

As an industry leader in the supply of industrial MRO and safety products, our mission is to provide the products and services your business needs to build and maintain a safe, healthy and productive workplace.

Everything we do at Vallen is aimed at helping you, our customer, achieve your unique business goals. As a company, we’re known for rolling up our sleeves and doing what’s needed to get the job done, finding solutions that make a meaningful difference - it’s what drives us.

We’re here to serve you - in person, on-site, and online.

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Safety is first and foremost in everything we do. For over 35 years, we’ve been committed to making sure that everyone has a safe environment to work in and is able to return to their homes and loved ones without incident at shift’s end.

Vallen Safety Services protects your employees and your workplace by ensuring your equipment is properly maintained and meets manufacturers’ standards and provincial and federal regulations—with the documentation to prove it.

We are one of the few distributors of Ocenco Escape Breathing Devices - we also manage refurbishment of these same devices. 

Through our network of safety service centers and mobile safety services, our factory-trained and certified technicians will inspect, test, maintain and certify your fall protection, gas detection, respiratory, hoisting equipment, fire extinguishers, fire suppression systems, and more.

We offer modern and cost-effective safety rentals from convenient locations across Canada. These include gas detection, respiratory equipment and fall protection, with additional custom rental solutions available.

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Head Office

4810-92 Avenue NW
Edmonton, Alberta   T6B 2X4

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Vanessa Foss
(306) 242-1166 • (306) 250-2910 • (306) 242-0015;
Additional Location #1

3139 Faithfull Ave
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan   S7K 8H4

(306) 242-1166 • (306) 250-2910 • (306) 242-0015

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Additional Location #2

563 McDonald St
Regina, Saskatchewan   S4N 4X1

(306) 721-2223 • (306) 530-8295 • (306) 721-2344

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Technical Capability Summary
Building Finishing - Cubicles and Partitions

Partitions & Cubicles

Building Finishing - Fitted Furniture & Equipment

Flagpoles Floor Mats , Frames & Rugs Healthcare Equipment Laundry / Drycleaning Equipment Lockers Residential Equip/Appliances Scales Storage & Shelving Systems Waste Handling Equipment

Building Finishing - Signage

Identifying Devices Interior Signs

Bulk Materials - Reinforcement

Concrete Accessories


Cleaning Solvents Cleaning Supplies/Janitorial Products Disinfecting training Facial masks


Industrial Air Compressors Shelving and Pallet Racks

Electrical - Electrical Bulk - Components

Cable Tags Cable Ties


Environmental - Containment Environmental - Liners - Supply


Lubricant and Chemical Dispensing Equipment

Heating & Ventilation

Mine Ventilation - Supply

Highways - Surfacing

Parking Bumpers

Highways - Traffic Signage

Traffic Signage

Instrumentation & Electrical

Commercial and industrial - Maintenance Fire Alarm system installation MRO contract supply and VMI services

Mining Equipment

Material Handling


Footwear Workwear


Bit Removal Tools Emergency, Training and Safety Services Emergency, Training and Safety Services - Safety inspections Eye protection Fire Extinguishers - Sales & Repair Hand protection Personal Protective Equipment & General Supplies Respiratory protection


Cleaning Supplies/Janitorial Products Decontamination supplies Disposable PPE Environmental - Containment Environmental - Containment - Design Environmental - Liners Equipment - Safety Filtration - Oil, Air, Fuel Fire Extinguishers - Sales & Repair Fluid Conveyance Products General Supplies Grinding Industrial Hose & Fittings Lubricants and/or Chemicals Medical Supplies Oils & Lubricants Personal Protective Equipment Power Tools Tool Kits Welding Supplies Workwear


Welding Machine Consumables

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