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Improving quality of life.

Arcadis is the leading global natural and built asset design and consultancy firm, covering the whole asset lifecycle. For more than 125 years we have been working in partnership with clients around the world to deliver exceptional and sustainable outcomes.

Our reputation is built on a deep understanding of client needs, combined with our knowledge and experience worldwide. With 27,000 people working in more than 40 countries, we have built a global network that enables us to serve our local clients on a global basis. With a local office in Saskatoon's vibrant Innovation Place, Arcadis is a large environmental engineering and construction firm with headquarters in the Netherlands. With more than 6,000 employees in the USA, and more than 320 in Canada, Arcadis is regarded as a leader in environmental services and construction, mining, water management, and management consulting. We have extensive experience serving a variety of clients, with particular emphasis on the mining, natural resources, industrial, and government sectors.

Mining – one of Arcadis’ core sectors – presents vastly different requirements from other sectors. Many elements and areas require careful consideration during the entire life of a mining project to fulfill the needs of ‘pit to port’, including environmental, water, infrastructure, transportation, mineral and metallurgical throughout project implementation, operation and closure, and redevelopment. Further, location and socio-environmental issues create a higher level of complexity to every site.. Arcadis understands all these elements and areas. We have the capability and capacity to combine and consider them in delivering a successful project in line with the clients’ business and corporate social objectives.

Arcadis offers services tailored to all areas and disciplines from ‘pit to port’ for the entire mine and project lifecycle. We provide services throughout the entire value chain—from strategic advice, planning, design local context, and our innovative application of services that are new to the industry – to deliver real results. Arcadis has a substantial footprint worldwide. Our global network enables us to bring our skills and knowledge to mine maintenance, operation, optimization and decommissioning to any location. With our ‘pit to port’ concept, we provide services for all project phases: the license and permit, project studies (conceptual, pre-feasibility and feasibility), detailed design up to installation, start-up, and operation through to closure and/ or decommissioning of a site. We offer our clients solutions that are robust in the long-term, viewed within the context of their business needs. Our experience shows that the challenges faced by our clients are becoming large and increasingly complex. It is our ability to understand the specific needs of clients, and apply our experience on projects worldwide to specific local situations and needs. While designing, managing the construction or operation, safety remains of paramount importance and environmental regulations continue to tighten their grip. One of our key missions is to improve the quality of life worldwide by creating sustainable solutions. Health, safety and sustainability are central to everything we do: in our work with clients, in the way our company is organized and in our approach to social responsibility.

As a company, Arcadis is excited about any opportunity that deepens our relationship with the mining and natural resources sector in Saskatchewan. We look forward to working with you.

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“Improving quality of life.”

We are recognized as a leader in mine remediation both as technical experts and as constructors. Our experiences include the largest publicly managed closure programs in Canada, Faro Mine, Cape Breton Development Corporation and Giant Mine, as well as for several private sector clients in Saskatchewan and across the country. 

Arcadis’ global Mining Sector combines strategic advice with multi-disciplinary technical knowledge to develop strategies for mine opening, operations, and closure that are environmentally responsible, adaptable to change, and exceed client expectations. Specifically, major public and private mining sector clients have retained Arcadis because of our top hydrology, hydrogeology and geochemistry expertise, strong innovative remediation technologies that can be applied to many different contaminated sites, and bench strength that spans the globe—world-class experts supporting local teams who understand specific project concerns.  Arcadis’ project teams are comprised of our environmental and engineering experts in both Canada and the United States. As a result, local multi-disciplinary teams of professionals can be rapidly deployed, apply solutions across our clients’ business units and country locations, provide unified quality control between facilities, and access critical local knowledge, networks and contacts where applicable.  We excel in delivering positive outcomes for our clients. We are proud to have served the Mining Clients from coast to coast to coast, across all of Canada, including remote sites.

1.0 Environment

We all deserve a clean, safe environment in which to live. Now more than ever, businesses and governments recognize the need to incorporate environmental concerns into their decision making. Arcadis is a global leader in inventive technical and financial approaches, helping some of the world’s leading corporates and governments understand their impact on the natural world.

1.1 Site Evaluation and Restoration

“Providing certainty in uncertain environments.”

With the right approach, contaminated properties can become sustainable and profitable assets. Meeting environmental compliance requirements is just the first box to check, but we work with you to help you define your objectives as well as identify and evaluate key technical challenges, regulatory drivers, future site use options, political considerations, public relations concerns and financial issues to determine the right course of action to meet your needs. By combining engineering and scientific staff with experienced construction managers, we provide fully integrated site evaluation and restoration services that safely and cost effectively bring your complex projects to closure.

We have unparalleled success in remediating all types of contaminants (petroleum hydrocarbons, metals, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, PCBs, petrochemicals, dioxins/furans, volatile organic solvents, acids, phenols, pesticides and insecticides, and caustic chemicals) for a wide variety of media, including sediment, soil, surface water, groundwater, wastewater and air. With more than 200 scientists and engineers located in over 10 offices throughout Canada, and over 4,000 technical personnel across the border in the U.S., we bring a unique combination of sector insight, local understanding and global expertise in the areas of:

  • Site Investigation
  • Hydrogeology
  • Human Health and Environmental Risk Assessment
  • Remediation-Engineered Containment and Treatment Systems
  • Sediments
  • Incident Response and Recovery
  • Regulatory Certifications and Site Closure

Consistently ranked in the top five globally in Engineering News-Record’s (ENR) list of Top Hazardous Waste Firms, we help you manage the risks associated with legacy liability issues and provide the highest probability for increasing your return on investment.

Read about how Arcadis used 3D modeling and augmented reality to achieve site closure.

1.2 Environmental Site Assessments

“Facilitating site closures and redevelopment through environmental assessments.”

For environmental sites throughout Canada, closure, compliance, and redevelopment hinge on having an accurate understanding of site conditions. At Arcadis, we work with clients throughout the project lifecycle to provide key insights regarding their site investigation projects. Regulatory compliance, liability elimination, and site evaluation are the foundations of a successful environmental site assessment project.

At Arcadis, we provide turnkey services for environmental site assessments throughout Canada. Our dedicated and knowledgeable teams work with clients throughout project lifecycles, starting with site characterization and ending with long-term monitoring after project completion. We help our clients better understand the risk of potential liabilities on their properties and provide technical guidance on remediation when environmental impacts are discovered. Arcadis also ensures compliance, attains building permits and financial approvals, and monitors health and safety concerns.

Our comprehensive environmental site assessments and project work allow clients to redevelop land, especially in urban centers. Contaminated brownfields become residential communities: a positive result for people and the environment.

1.3 Environmental Construction Services

'Our trusted advice and proven delivery lead to exceptional results and assured outcomes.'

The environmental restoration marketplace is maturing while at the same time you face ever more complex challenges with diminishing resources and higher expectations. As your General Contractor/Construction Manager, you have a single point of program delivery to manage your environmental construction and contracting requirements, freeing you to focus on your core business.

When a site becomes contaminated it can prove to be a huge problem for both those that own it and those who use it. Businesses are under increasing pressure to deal with these sites despite having limited resources, greater risk exposure and the potential reputational damage that such a project can bring.

From the removal of contaminated soil to the demolition of legacy buildings, Arcadis’ proactive management approach provides the certainty you need for performance, schedule, cost and compliance. You can rely on us to transform surplus properties into value-added assets, optimize water and soil treatment systems, and cost effectively close sites. Through proven innovative delivery and contracting methods, we safely manage your large, complex and high-profile environmental construction projects to a fully compliant and assured outcome – while mitigating risk, reducing costs and maintaining your positive corporate image. As your General Contractor/Construction Manager, we provide a single point of program delivery to manage your environmental construction and contracting requirements, freeing you to focus on your core business and delivering the exceptional results you’ve come to expect from Arcadis.

1.4 Environmental Construction Management

“We create site-specific solutions for property redevelopment challenges.”

Increasing business in the Environmental Construction Management industry has resulted in projects that are highly technical and demanding. At Arcadis, we use our vast experience to provide support services throughout project lifecycles, ensuring not only that goals are met, but also that the environment and communities are protected along the way.

Facing a reduction of oversite capacity and a decreasing number of specialist contractors, owners find difficulties in completing project objectives and reducing costs.

Arcadis has the resources available to respond to complex and varying construction needs ranging from landfill services to BIM and 4D modeling. We have an extensive base of dedicated construction engineers, scientists, managers, operators and field technicians, as well as an inventory of construction equipment and supplies to help our clients complete their project work.

We provide construction and construction management/administration expertise from our field, technical and support, and senior staff. These Arcadians have a depth of knowledge and experience from planning and pre-design through close-out and occupancy.  

Our teams specialize in controlling the program or project’s scope, cost, schedule, and quality, and focus on preventing, mitigating, and resolving construction disputes. We create site-specific solutions for property redevelopment challenges, ensuring that all projects, big and small, are completed safely and on-time.

1.5 Deactivation, Decommissioning, Decontamination and Demolition (D4)

'Transitioning surplus properties from costly liabilities to profitable assets.'

Redundant, outdated and out-of-service facilities pose multiple challenges. To manage risk and drive down cost, owners need expert assistance with the deactivation, decommissioning, decontamination and demolition (D4) of these surplus properties.

Out-of-service facilities pose a major problem for many companies. There are potential risk factors, such as exposure, regulatory compliance, fire and vandalism. There are environmental remediation, operation and maintenance costs, including insurance, taxes and utilities. Most damaging of all are the negative public and shareholder perceptions. Yet, if these under-performing facilities are managed in a proactive manner, they can transition from costly liabilities to profitable assets.

Whether you have one facility or a whole portfolio, Arcadis can help. With over 25 years of experience with complex D4 projects, we know how to get these risky properties off the books as quickly, safely and cost effectively as possible.

Our focused approach to planning, designing and managing these projects begins with early stakeholder engagement and an industry-leading safety program. We assess your site’s unique environmental, structural and regulatory conditions, as well as associated costs, to provide you with the information necessary to make sound facility management decisions.

Our technical experts are nationally recognized for addressing D4 issues involving PCBs, mercury, energetics and other hazardous and regulated materials. We specialize in recognizing sensitive D4 issues and removing known environmental hazards before demolition begins -- allowing for a “clean” demolition -- an approach that typically lowers demolition and waste disposal costs and avoids surprises.

We work with many Fortune 100 and Fortune 500 companies around the world -- averaging more than 20 active projects each year -- and have completed D4 services at over 200 facilities in the US alone. With today’s marketplace demanding that businesses run leaner and smarter than ever before, our D4 services will clear your path to more profitable ventures.

1.6 Risk and Radiological Services

'We provide detailed risk assessments to decision-makers throughout the world.'

All human activity involves some form of risk to people and the environment. Arcadis helps evaluate those risks, safely and sustainably, so that our clients can make informed decisions about their projects. Arcadis provides detailed risk assessments to decision-makers throughout the world. Clearly communicating our findings to the appropriate parties is equally important, as transparency becomes an essential part of international regulations and guidelines. In this way, we assist our clients with improving community relations while fulfilling dozens of compliance requirements.

Our broad experience with natural radioactive materials means that we can apply our collective wisdom to challenges anywhere in the world. From eliminating remediation costs to providing expert advice, Arcadis has carried out more than 1,500 radiation-related projects throughout Canada and internationally.

1.7 Solid Waste Management

'Arcadis Canada has provided assessment, permitting, design, and construction oversight services in many locations, ranging from Chalk River, Ontario to the Northwest Territories, Oman and Belize.'

In order to remain at the forefront of the evolving waste management market, public and private entities need to maintain safe, economical systems that use environmentally sound technologies to support beneficial reuse and add significant value.

The experts at Arcadis are fully dedicated to providing proactive and innovative solutions to preserve landfill capacity, divert organic waste, and convert waste to energy where feasible. Our experience in serving all types of solid waste management facilities on an international basis allows us to support the full range of client needs, from strategic planning through project construction and operations monitoring. Furthermore, our expertise not only includes project planning, design, and implementation, but also environmental impact assessments and regulatory compliance assistance.

As with all of our work, we are committed to promoting environmental practices that enhance human and ecological health and safety. In this context, waste diversion and reduction strategies are key components of our solid waste management plans to ensure the most positive impact on our communities.

2.0 Digital Innovation

Many companies know that digital tools and platforms can help their business but need guidance on the best ways to unlock their full potential. Our experts understand digital technologies and help our clients leverage them to generate value. We also make continual investments in our people, arming them with the cutting-edge, digital know-how our clients need to get ahead. We are constantly innovating in the way we use technology, how we work with our partners and how we deliver for our clients. Doing things faster, smarter and more efficiently truly improves quality of life.

2.1 Advanced Analytics

'Using data to uncover trends and insights more quickly – and even unearth hidden problems – results in a stronger, more prosperous business.'

Businesses are under building pressure to do more with less. Be it due to regulatory pressure, growing demand, meeting the challenge of climate change or simply a squeeze on budgets, informed decision making is a big competitive advantage. Together with our subsidiary SEAMS, we use analytics to help our clients make the investment decisions that matter. Using a combination of predictive and prescriptive analytics, modelling and optimization, our technical expertise and software solutions enable businesses to understand the full picture. 

Whether it is balancing risk, ensuring assets perform to their potential or satisfying stringent regulatory requirements, advanced analytics provide a strategic oversight of what needs to happen and when. Our approach allows clients to make the right decision at the right time and improve quality of life.

2.2 Building Information Modelling (BIM)

'Virtual design tools, such as Building Information Modelling, have drastically changed how we and our clients design and operate infrastructure, buildings and even cities.'

The way in which we build is undergoing a tremendous amount of change. Creating a digital twin allows us to simulate a building before it is even built. This means we can more accurately determine construction costs, overcome any barriers before work even begins and dynamically imagine how it will age over time. Crucially, this can be done faster and more efficiently.

As a digitally enabled business, we are at the very forefront of BIM technology and are actively seeking to fully embed the technology across all of the work we do. The increasing sophistication of the software and the way in which we use it allows us to consistently deliver for our clients, more quickly and more effectively than ever before. Within Arcadis, we use Building Information Modelling to enable more joined-up working across our teams, right around the world. This means we can exchange information more quickly, solve problems and reduce risk on our clients’ projects more efficiently than ever before.

3.0 Engineering Services

From tall buildings to the busy airports; from underground tunnels to iconic bridges, engineering feats help to improve the quality of life for us all. Our specialist engineers use their expertise and knowledge to deliver exceptional and sustainable outcomes for clients through working on some of the world’s most impressive and well-known buildings and structures.

3.1 Geotechnical Engineering and Design

'Geotechnical engineering is the foundation for every infrastructure project.'

Geotechnical engineering is the foundation for every infrastructure project. Arcadis provides cost-effective designs that fulfill construction needs while significantly reducing risk for our clients. Arcadis understands the challenge that site conditions can bring. For more than 20 years, we’ve helped our clients through the investigation process, identifying and limiting potential contaminants, offering our expertise and executing the strategies necessary to reduce risk through all phases of a project.

From designing and implementing a mine closure program in Ontario to completing a dozen investigations for a redevelopment program in Toronto, our geotechnical team can bring the necessary perspective to provide the right answers for infrastructure programs around the globe.

3.2 Asset Management

'Assets are essential to our lives.'

Asset management is a vast source of value creation that is largely untapped. As organizations increasingly need to fund and maintain more assets, the role of asset management is changing. If organizations can overcome the challenges faced, asset management can unlock value that simply is not being realized at present.

Assets are essential to our lives. The transportation we use, the buildings we work in, the grids delivering power to us, and the facilities that treat the water we drink are all assets that need to be managed and maintained. These assets will continue to be central to our existence and therefore will always need managing, often with less resources.

With increasing pressure on assets from issues such as rapid urbanization, climate change, water scarcity and globalization, it is crucial that organizations adapt their operations to allow for the optimal asset management programs. Well managed assets can realize huge value but using outdated approaches can result in underperformance and losses.

Whether it is efficiently delivering clean water to the people of a vast city, keeping a country's rail network moving efficiently, reducing a global mining company's work related injuries, or optimizing the capital investment on a major airport expansion, it is critical to connect your business challenges with a deep technical knowledge of your assets. We bring unique insights which support you in getting better results, with more certainty from your assets. Couple this insight with our passion for improving quality of life, and we will help you manage your business' impact on the world, your customers and your people. 

3.3 Industrial Water

'Making smarter use of industry's resources.'

Around the world, companies are identifying opportunities for competitive advantage. With industry spending billions on treatment technologies alone, water is at the forefront of these opportunities.

With water impacting industries like never before, it is imperative that companies invest and focus on securing and protecting their supplies as well as addressing the impact on their infrastructure and operations. From developing a turnkey technology solution to treat a mine's wastewater to providing water assessments for global mining companies, Arcadis partners with industry to help effectively manage water while making businesses more sustainable to the world and their bottom line.

4.0 Business Advisory

From rapid urbanization and pressure on natural resources, to tighter regulation and market consolidation, we live in an increasingly complex world. We understand your business challenges and have first-hand experience of the assets you own and operate. We partner with you and bring unique insights to support you in getting better results, with more certainty.

4.1 Community Relations and Stakeholder Engagement

'Ensuring project success through proactive engagement and dialogue.'

Community and stakeholder engagement and support is often crucial for many high profile and controversial projects. Arcadis stakeholder managers use their expertise to guide the entirety of project processes by integrating both technical and engagement components.

When working on high profile or controversial projects, involving the community and key stakeholders in the process can ensure project success. Project risk management, coordination, and social license are all elements of projects that need to be carefully managed.

At Arcadis, we work with communities and stakeholders from project beginning to end to exchange information, raise and respond to issues, discuss solutions, and attempt to resolve differences.  Our social scientists and stakeholder engagement professionals make technical studies and information understandable in order to manage project risks. We continue these initiatives throughout the entirety of the project process, we track messaging, comments, and changing sentiments. This way, our teams remain informed on the sustainability topics that matter, and we can ensure that project work continues to run smoothly.

4.2 Due Diligence -Mergers and Acquisitions

'Arcadis is a single point of contact that can mobilize any global resource.'

From mergers and acquisitions to the divestiture of assets, we live in a fast-paced world where proper disclosure must be handled with the utmost speed. Arcadis helps our clients navigate the complexity of due diligence assessments quickly, accurately and confidentially.

Our hands-on experience in all areas of environmental risk assessments means that we know where to look for conditions that could potentially affect our client’s assets, leaving them vulnerable in the future. It’s here that we create value by helping our clients gather enough information to minimize their risks and make clear, timely business decisions.

We make this happen by bringing together the most talented people in our industry. Arcadis serves as a single point of contact that can mobilize any global resource our clients require to complete an accurate and timely evaluation of any asset, no matter how complex or remote it might be. Whether it’s providing our proven remediation strategies or supplying project management expertise, we share understanding and insights to help our clients achieve outcomes that work for the entire length of the project lifecycle.

4.3 Operations and Maintenance Solutions

'Unlocking hidden value.'

For asset-intensive organizations, effectively operating and maintaining assets is becoming more important than ever before.

The operate and maintain phase is often the costliest part of total lifecycle expenditure on for example: rail, road, civil and hydraulic structures, water supply, wastewater treatment plants, sewers and buildings. Furthermore, external pressures are driving the need for a greater balance of asset costs, risks and performance. While society demands higher service levels and more sustainable solutions, laws and regulations are becoming more stringent and now require a high level of operational and financial transparency. In addition, climate change and security threats require assets to be increasingly resilient. All these factors pose a key question for asset owners: How can we find an optimized balance between costs, risks and performance?

For many asset owners, the answer lies in integrated and readily implementable solutions. Identifying those solutions requires trusted and knowledgeable partners who can blend strategic skills with a deep technical understanding of assets and data analytics. This combination of skills helps to ensure asset management plays a vital role in operational environments.

Operate and maintain solutions

Time and again, we’ve seen that using an asset management approach in optimizing the operational phase helps organizations exceed expectations and deliver results. Applying the principles of the international standard on Asset Management, ISO 55000, supports organizations in optimizing and continuously improving their Asset Management Quality Management system, creating tangible value. In parallel to offering services that improve performance across the operation and maintenance of existing assets, we take the insights and knowledge gained from our work in operating and maintaining assets and integrate them into the planning, design, engineering and construction of new assets. The application of this expertise, as well as the utilization of accurate and reliable data gathered during the operational phase, supports innovation and insights into the creation of new assets.

Profoundly improve performance over time

The operational phase of an asset makes up the longest period of its lifespan by far. As a result, improving the operation and maintenance of an existing asset has the potential to benefit an organization in the short term and profoundly improve its performance over time. Understanding an asset's performance and leveraging data is crucial in realizing these benefits. Improving operations and maintenance requires the alignment of all activities needed to operate and maintain an asset, like securing the organization objectives of quality of service, reliability, availability, maintainability, safety, sustainability and compliance.

Read more about Operate and Maintain solutions to find out how your organization can benefit from solutions that optimize the balance between: costs, risks and performance.

5.0 Information Driven Performance (IDP)

Organizations across the globe are facing emerging challenges that reach beyond traditional Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS) management information systems (EMIS).

Like any organization, operating your facilities and conducting your core business presents numerous safety challenges and environmental risks. Organizations are looking to enterprise technology solutions to better manage their risk, compliance and governance programs. We help you take control through what we call Information Driven Performance (IDP) — integrating the right systems, processes and data across business functions, structures and geography to transform your business performance. IDP isn’t just about big data or EHS MIS. It’s about using information as an asset and providing operational or integrity management systems across the business.

Arcadis is proudly recognized as a leading global provider of digitally enabled environmental, health and safety services. By combining subject matter expertise with technical innovation we:

  • Unlock data-driven insights;
  • Increase operational efficiency;
  • Reduce risk;
  • Protect health & safety; and
  • Improve business performance.

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