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Saskatchewan. We love this place, it’s hard not to. The beauty of the land, the breadth of it’s people, and it’s endless opportunities.

Saskatchewan is in the midst of vast industrial growth and development. Saskatchewan’s economy has a strong resource base including mining, oil and gas, agriculture and forestry industries. With an established workforce and a wealth of industrial suppliers, Saskatchewan has all the necessities to propel your local business and grow it into the future. Saskatchewan is dedicated to the local development of their natural resources through innovation, infrastructure development, and nurturing export trade. $50 Billion will be invested in the Saskatchewan mining industry between 2008 and 2028.

Saskatchewan suppliers have been an integral part of this growth and success through providing global solutions for our resource industries both locally and around the world. Saskatchewan companies are supplying everything from underground mining vehicles to centrifuges and many other goods and services to support the mining industry.

The Saskatchewan Industrial and Mining Suppliers Association (SIMSA), wants to help grow your business. At SIMSA we want to promote the capabilities of Saskatchewan industrial manufacturers, goods and service suppliers. SIMSA wants to work with you to promote Saskatchewan solutions and businesses. SIMSA has the connections you need and can fill in the missing links for your industrial strategy. We believe through working together we can grow our strength and capability at providing industrial and mining solutions for our valued customers. SIMSA can help you further your Saskatchewan perspective with a network as broad as our horizon.

If you believe in your Saskatchewan as much as we do, become a member today.

Let us show you how we can help you meet your business needs, here at home, in beautiful Saskatchewan.

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