CFO Rentals Inc.

CFO Rentals specializes in rental equipment that is needed on the well servicing side of the industry. We carry things such as pipe handling equipment from 1.66' up to 4-1/2', portable Venturetech power swivels, drill collars, HWDP, Bits, mills, reamers, pump to surface tubing bailers, complete clean out packages, rod over shots, rod shears, fiberglass and EL rod equipment, etc, etc, etc. If we don't have it, we will find it for you. Please visit website ( or give us a call, and we will do everything possible to accommodate your needs.

More AboutCFO Rentals Inc.

CFO Rentals is a locally owned and operated rental company based out of Weyburn, Saskatchewan. The company has been built on the philosophy that exceptional customer service, oilfield experience, as well as valuing client relationships are critical factors for the success of the business. We, the owners, are committed to be involved in the company on every level.

We have also committed to purchasing top quality equipment, thereby knowing exactly what we are acquiring. Through years of experience and building business relationships, we have been able to determine who we feel to be the best suppliers for our equipment. We are purchasing identical equipment so as not to have different styles of the same product. By doing this, the oil company, oil company representative, and rig crews will know the equipment they are working with every time we deliver our products.

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Head Office

1350 Coteau Ave. West
Weyburn, Saskatchewan   S4H-2N9

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Greg Fortune or Darcy Carter
(306) 842-3454
Technical Capability Summary
Equipment - Rental

Air Slips Bails Ball Catchers/junk Baskets Bit/mills/reamers Casing Scrapers Center Latch Elevators Drifts Drill Collars/HWDP Elevator Bails Hand Slips HWDP Elevators In-line Screen Jars/LBS/intensifiers Kelco Manual Tong Magnets Pipe Rams Portable Power Swivels Ring Gaskets Rod Box Breakout Tongs Rod Handling Equipment Rod Overshots RS-100 Elements RS-100 Stripping Heads Safety Clamps Safety Valves Sand Bailers Slip Type Elevators Studs, Nuts & Bolts Tong Dies Tubing Drains & Bar Drops Tubing Swivels X-overs

Equipment - Sales

1/2 Turn Anchors LHS-RHS 1 Anchors LHS or RHS Bar Collars Bull Plugs Couplings Downhole Tubing Swivels Pump Seat Nipples Pup Joints Re-Entry Guides Ring Gaskets Tubing Drains X-Overs

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