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We implement Reliability based Condition Monitoring on our customers assets on our Employee Driven Reliability (EDR) Platform. Although, we can bring in online data, our focus is engaging the workforce in obtaining field based asset data that may not be able to be captured by online processes reliably. We also capture failure modes on smart phones/tablets that may not be monitored by online strategies. Because our of emphasis on employee engagement, EDR also can also have a positive affect on our customers Culture. For customers, knowing the condition of their assets empowers them to take control of equipment failure and unplanned maintenance.

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We are the only company that can quickly implement asset inspections on Smart Phones/tablets and without RCM analysis.

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Robert Price
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Technical Capability Summary

Business Development Equipment Maintenance Oil & Gas Operations and Maintenance - Design Oil & Gas Operations and Maintenance - Engineering Oil & Gas Operations and Maintenance - PM on control valves Oil & Gas Operations and Maintenance - PM on control valves Oil & Gas Operations and Maintenance - Services supplied Process Improcement/LEAN Regulatory - Environmental Safety Strategy Development

Conventional oil and gas Engineering

Power - Power Generation Water Treatment

Electrical - Power Generation

Wind Energy Systems


Environmental - Containment Monitoring

Heavy Equipment

Inspection Inspection - Mechanical Inspection - Quality Assurance Inspection - Quality Control Inspection - Structural Lubricants and/or Chemicals Mining Roadwork Maintenance or Construction - Survey

Instrumentation & Electrical

Control Systems Testing - Testing Infared Scanning

Mining Engineering

Water Treatment

Professional and Specialized Services

Asset Mgmt Asset Mgmt - Buildings Asset Mgmt - Facilities Asset Mgmt - Field Inspections Asset Mgmt - Power Asset Mgmt - Roads Safety auditing


Preventative Maintenance Preventative Maintenance - General


Mechanical Rebuilds - Testing


Trucking - Logs

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